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La Gazzetta Italiana

Our staff at La Gazzetta Italiana has great things in store for you in 2018. We have spent a great amount of time this past year revamping our website to make it more user friendly. We also plan to increase our capabilities to advertise online and to offer more marketing opportunities for our advertisers. We take great pride in our newspaper and we are always looking to bring more value to those that support our efforts. If you have any suggestions, please contact Angela Spitalieri at

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Customer Management Systems

CAconnexion is an affordable solution for your dealership. We are not trying to compete with the larger CRM programs. We offer a basic Sales Automation Tool that is designed to help dealerships stay organized and follow-up. CMS can integrate with all DMS systems. If you have the data, we can use it! All products are completely customizable. Don't waste your money buying a large system when you can get CAconnexion for a fraction of the cost. Call us today to set up your FREE Dealership Assessment. Schedule now with Dominic at 330.608.9047.

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Affiliate Business

Affiliate BusinessPASCO®'s affiliate business group is comprised of two companies: Customer Management Systems (CMS) and PAS Publishing Co. (PPC). CMS provides marketing solutions and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to the automotive dealership market. PPC provides marketing solutions and digital strategy for all markets. PPC also publishes a monthly Italian-American newspaper, La Gazzetta Italiana.

Both companies utilize PASCO's Core Services to assist with the day to day operations, fulfillment, and printing services.

Call us today at 330.655.7205 or email us at if you are interested in CMS or PPC.