Outsourcing solutions to state governments and financial institutions through Validati® and CELCO.

Validati® Products

American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators

In April, members of the Validati Team attended the AAMVA Region II Conference in Seattle, Washington. Members in attendance will represent various state offices and insurance companies across the country.

In June, members of the Validati Team will attend the IICMVA Spring Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Members in attendance represent various state offices and insurance companies across the country.

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CELCO Products

CELCO specializes debt recovery services for delinquent consumer and commercial accounts. We have the right solution to collect personal and business ties, medical eat, and student loans for your organization. We also offer a variety of services to meet your various outsourcing needs:

1) Consumer & Commercial, Medical Claims, Student Loans, Taxes Collection Services
2) Print, Mail, and Invoicing Services
3) Payment Processing Services
4) Pre-Collection Services

Contact us at: 866-613-1020 or via email at: info@celco-group.com to learn more about our services.

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CELCO™, is a full service debt collection company, representing over 26 years of combined experience. Our collection staff is industry trained and our full complement of office personnel are dedicated to providing debt recovery solutions that focus on maximizing return while providing a professional customer and client experience.

At CELCO, we pride ourselves on providing innovative products and services with unsurpassed customer service and quality. We have established world-class performance metrics for every aspect of our business. Our services are priced based on the achievement of results. We strive for long-term relationships based on the proven delivery of exceptional performance. CELCO specializes in debt recovery solutions for municipalities and state governments. CELCO has the flexibility in our systems and services to bring innovative solutions to clients of all sizes.

You can call us today at 866-613-1020 or email us at info@celco-group.com to determine how we can help. If you want to find out more about our programs, visit us online at www.celco-group.com.