PASCO is a diversified holding company located in Hudson, Ohio.

PASCO® 2018 Charity

PASCO's 2018 Corporate Charity

PASCO announces Julie Billiart School (JB) located in Akron, Ohio for this year's corporate charity. PASCO's first playground took place in 1995. This tradition has produced twenty-two playgrounds for charitable organizations throughout Northeast Ohio

Julie Billiart Schools is proud to have opened their first expansion school in Akron, Ohio for the 2017-2018 academic year. As a ministry of St. Sebastian Parish, Julie Billiart School-Akron operates independent of the parish and their day school, but has received much-appreciated guidance and direction from the church and its parishioners. The school initially opened its doors to students grades K-2, and will add grades 3-8 over the course of the next two years. Additional schools for children with autism, ADD/ADHA, dyslexia, and social learning challenges are slated to open throughout Northeast Ohio by August 2025.

Children with Autism and /or Sensory Processing Disorders find challenges with socialization, communication, play and imagination. Sensory playgrounds attract all children and encourage exploration and discovery, and provide a "just-right" experience for those seeking sensory stimulation. PASCO will partner with Julie Billiart School-Akron to break ground in spring 2018 with a Sensory Playground build.

For additional information on the playground design, donation and volunteer opportunities, please email us at or call us at 330-655-7000.

Community Involvement



Community InvolvementWe believe that the mark of a truly successful company includes not only its commitment to its employees, but also its civic, political and community involvement. At PASCO®, we place a great deal of importance on donating our time, energies, talents and financial support to help those less fortunate and to activities and events in the local communities where our employees live and work.

This passion to help others is best personified by our Corporate Charity program, which has been in existence for over 30 years. When this endeavor was initiated, senior management determined that our employees would select the charity, as this would enhance their monetary and volunteer support of the cause throughout the year. Since 1995, we have focused our charitable work on providing playgrounds for organizations and schools that provide services to children and families. Not only do we raise the money for the equipment, but we build the playground, too. Doing this builds team spirit among our employees and gives them a true sense of contribution. We have seen time and time again that everyone is richer -- both the giver and the receiver -- as a result of our Corporate Charity program.

PASCO® provides ongoing financial and volunteer support to a variety of organizations in Northeast Ohio. Also, many of our employees take their own personal initiatives to lend a helping hand to others. PASCO® senior management serve on a number of boards and hold responsible positions in organizations that are molding the future for NE Ohio.

Interested charities who would like to learn more about PASCO®’s Corporate Charity program should email our Corporate Charity team or call 216.409.8245.