PASCO is a diversified holding company located in Hudson, Ohio.

PASCO® 2018 Charity

PASCO's 2018 Corporate Charity

PASCO announces Julie Billiart School (JB) located in Akron, Ohio for this year's corporate charity. PASCO's first playground took place in 1995. This tradition has produced twenty-two playgrounds for charitable organizations throughout Northeast Ohio

Julie Billiart Schools is proud to have opened their first expansion school in Akron, Ohio for the 2017-2018 academic year. As a ministry of St. Sebastian Parish, Julie Billiart School-Akron operates independent of the parish and their day school, but has received much-appreciated guidance and direction from the church and its parishioners. The school initially opened its doors to students grades K-2, and will add grades 3-8 over the course of the next two years. Additional schools for children with autism, ADD/ADHA, dyslexia, and social learning challenges are slated to open throughout Northeast Ohio by August 2025.

Children with Autism and /or Sensory Processing Disorders find challenges with socialization, communication, play and imagination. Sensory playgrounds attract all children and encourage exploration and discovery, and provide a "just-right" experience for those seeking sensory stimulation. PASCO will partner with Julie Billiart School-Akron to break ground in spring 2018 with a Sensory Playground build.

For additional information on the playground design, donation and volunteer opportunities, please email us at or call us at 330-655-7000.



1986 - The Beginning

PASCO® started as a transaction-based service organization which applied technology to provide solutions to our customer's information needs. We started as Automated Tracking Systems (ATS) in 1986 providing computerized collateral insurance tracking services for financial institutions.

1992 - The launch of QDS

Our early years set the stage for the diversification that followed. In 1992 we launched Quality Data Solutions (QDS), which provided data entry, order fulfillment, telemarketing and printing and mailing services to a variety of businesses, political entities and public sector organizations.

1994 - The acquisition of CMS

In 1994 we acquired Customer Management Systems™, a company that has offered programs to help automobile dealerships enhance customer retention, build repeat and referral business and improve customer satisfaction. Since acquiring this business we have also added a variety of new services to our product suite to help dealerships increase traffic, market share, and profits.

1998 - The tracking business

In 1998 PASCO®, through Validati®, implemented a tracking program for state governments to monitor compliance with the State Financial Responsibility laws.

2000 - PASCO begins diversifying

In 2000 PASCO® began funding entrepreneurs in start-up ventures, unrelated to the transaction-based technology services traditionally operated by PASCO®.

2001 - The beginning of Validati®

To enhance the services for our financial institution and state government clients and offer transaction-based outsourced solutions to clients in new industries, Automated Tracking Systems and Quality Data Solutions were combined into Validati®.

2004 - The addition of its Information Solution Group

PASCO® added a new venture to its Information Solutions Group by forming an insurance agency to offer collateral-based insurance protection policies for small and mid-size lenders.

2011 - The beginning of Quattro

PASCO established a new company, Quattro, to joint venture with technology companies on solutions for PASCO company markets. Quattro completed its first deal in April 2011.

2014 -The acquisition of RDK Collection Services (CELCO)

In June 2014 CELCO acquired RDK Collection Services, a Third-Party Collections Company that specializes in both consumer and commercial third-party debt collection. CELCO made this strategic purchase to further its penetration of the debt services offered to government and healthcare.

2018 - PASCO to move offices

Since 1990 PASCO has maintained its Headquarters at 1140 Terex Road. This year we plan to move to a new location which will better meet our requirements and strategies.