PASCO's diversified business portfolio: Information Solutions, Affiliate Business, and Ventures.

Affiliate Business News

La Gazzetta Italiana

Festival time is right around the corner! If your community or parish has an upcoming Italian Event or Festival, please contact us so that we can help you promote it. We take great pride in our newspaper and we are always looking to bring more value to those that support our efforts. If you have any suggestions, please contact Angela Spitalieri at

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Customer Management Systems

CAconnexion is an affordable solution for your dealership. We are not trying to compete with the larger CRM programs. We offer a basic Sales Automation Tool that is designed to help dealerships stay organized and follow-up. CMS can integrate with all DMS systems. If you have the data, we can use it! All products are completely customizable. Don't waste your money buying a large system when you can get CAconnexion for a fraction of the cost. Call us today to set up your FREE Dealership Assessment. Schedule now with Dominic at 330.608.9047.

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Technology SolutionsIn order to thrive and create winning solutions for our clients and the businesses we finance, we know that we cannot rely on yesterday's solutions. We are prepared to innovate and invest in new ideas to ensure that we meet the objectives of our customers, business partners, and associates. We know it takes "Looking at Business Differently®" to provide winning solutions for our customer, employees and our many partners.

 Information Solution

PASCO® provides outsourcing solutions to state government and financial institutions through two operating companies, Validati® and CELCO™. Validati specializes in tracking collateral to determine compliance with insurance regulations for both state government and financial institutions. CELCO provides debt recovery solutions for state and local governments. Both companies have a national client base. Our Information Solutions group also performs general outsourcing of transaction-based activities.

 Affiliate Business

PASCO® has two affiliate companies, PAS Publishing Co., Inc. and Customer Management Systems™ (CMS). PAS Publishing Co., Inc. publishes the La Gazzetta Italiana™ a monthly newspaper and provides other media services. CMS provides CRM and Marketing Solutions to automobile dealerships. Both companies have a regional client base.


PASCO® has two investment in Europe. TD Group is a software and infrastructure company and Pui Communications is a full service marketing company. PASCO uses a separate company, Quattro, for joint venture transactions.

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