Traditional and non-traditional investment opportunities through strategic guidance, administrative support and financial resources.

TD Group

TD Group manages Citypost, the first postal franchising operator in Italy. Citypost has a postal network of over 140 agencies and 260 peripheral structures under the Sailpost brand. Today the company has over 45,000 customers, from individuals to large companies such as Amazon. For more information about the company you can visit the website:

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Più Communications

Più Communications has hired a new marketing representative and announced plans to collaborate with PAS Publishing and La Gazzette Italiana to offer more services in the U.S.

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Quattro continues to pursue potential joint venture possibilities with companies providing technology solutions to state government or electronic media. Please contact Vincent Spitalieri at 330.655.7000 or via email at to discuss your ideas.


QUATTROQUATTRO was formed in 2011 to establish joint venture arrangements with other technology companies. PASCO looks to partner with companies that provide solutions which enhance our current product set or fit into our distribution network. PASCO completed its first deal in 2011.

QUATTRO completed a second deal in 2014 acquiring a full service marketing company in Europe. We will continue to look for deals in the space or supporting services that are used in PASCO companies.

Call us today at 330.655.7000 or email us at to learn more about QUATTRO.