PASCO offers Core Services to help minimize cost and deliver best-in-class service.

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Inbound/ Outbound: Scott A. Keller


Fulfillment/Print: Scott A. Keller


Data Capture/Email: Dennis E. Duffield



Core ServicesPASCO® support each product solution with a set of Core Services that are best in class. Each service is managed by leaders who are charged with ensuring that delivery standards are met with proven technology and reporting controls. PASCO also offers these service directly to businesses within the markets that we serve. Each service can be purchased independently or as part of a comprehensive program.

 Data Capture

Data Capture: Services include data keying, database construction, and warehousing. PASCO can also provide certain list services to manage your data for effectiveness in marketing campaigns.

 Inbound Telephony

Inbound Telephony: PASCO provides inbound call service to manage customer support programs. Services includes scripting, IVR, reporting, call forwarding, chat and email. PASCO can be used to support overflow calls for peak volumes or entirely manage your customer support activities.

 Outbound Telephony

Outbound Telephony: PASCO manages outbound phone campaigns through an automated dialer. Services include data management, scripting, reporting, and data cleansing. PASCO can complete targeted campaigns or manage your entire outbound calling activities.


Printing: PASCO can support all print communications with letters and postcards. Print services can be combined with other programs to support marketing programs or for customer communications.


Fulfillment: Services include the preparation of all print services for distribution, including pre-sort activities. PASCO can help clients get the best prices on print pieces. PASCO supports a single campaign, including overflow activities, or provides a comprehensive managed service for all print activities.


Email: PASCO manages email campaigns including all compliance and cleansing. Services include design, delivery, and reporting.

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