Traditional and non-traditional investment opportunities through strategic guidance, administrative support and financial resources.

TD Group

TD Group manages Citypost, the first postal franchising operator in Italy. Citypost has a postal network of over 140 agencies and 275 peripheral structures under the Sailpost brand. Today the company has over 45,000 customers, from individuals to large companies such as Amazon. For more information about the company you can visit the website:

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Più Communications

Più Communications has hired a new marketing representative and announced plans to collaborate with PAS Publishing and La Gazzette Italiana to offer more services in the U.S.

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VenturesPASCO® continues to expand its business interests beyond its traditional base of technology companies. We have always believed that we could leverage our business infrastructure, our financial and human resources, and our experience and disciplined approach through business ventures and acquisitions. We formed a company, Quattro, to focus on our objective.

Today, we have a portfolio of successful companies serving markets well beyond our traditional base through Quattro. Our interests in these companies run from minority positions to controlling stakes. We provide strategic guidance, administrative support and financial resources to each of these companies. We work with each of these companies in different ways, depending on the maturity of the company, the experience of the leadership and the company's financial and administrative needs.

Our investment strategy depends largely on the needs of the companies. In all cases, we provide a financial investment and participate in setting the strategic direction of the company at its highest levels. For some companies, our role stops at this level. Here, we act primarily as visionaries and strategists and assist the companies in finding additional capital when needed. For other companies, our participation is much more hands-on. We can provide administrative and marketing support and might participate in the day-to-day business operations. In other words, our investment strategy is not a “cookie cutter” approach. We work with each of our companies in a unique way that addresses their specific needs.

We continually look for companies that fit our profile. If you are interested in learning more about our Venture group, Quattro, acquistion strategy, or investement opportunties, please email us at or call us at 330-655-7205.