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PASCO® is a diversified holding company located in Hudson, Ohio.

    Corporate values

    Our Corporate Values aren’t simply words on a piece of paper or plaque; they are values carried out at every level of the company. At PASCO® our culture does not happen by accident. It is cultivated and protected by ensuring that tenured salary and hourly employees as well as new recruits share the company’s beliefs and goals. We feel that the daily practice of these ethics and principles is the very essence of what business should be about.

    These eight building blocks are embodied in every decision we make regarding our employees, our clients, our prospective clients, vendors, partners, prospective third party candidates, and community involvement endeavors. They are the backbone for building loyalty among both customers and employees. They guide every facet of our day-to-day activities and the development of our long-range objectives. At PASCO® we put the words found in our Corporate Values into action. We are committed to the values and tenets on which the company was founded. Those principles have continued to set us above the crowd, and are, in part, the reason for our success.


    We will treat our customers and employees with honesty, consistency, respect, courage, and above all, fairness.


    We are committed to strive for constant improvement in our personal and business lives, and we will encourage all employees to embrace lifelong learning.


    We must be good corporate and individual citizens by being involved in, and by encouraging our employees to be involved in, charitable, and social activities within our communities.


    We will provide best-in-class service in all aspects of our businesses.


    We will have high expectations, set ambitious goals, and expect and reward top performance from all employees.


    We are in business to make a profit, as profit is the means by which we sustain growth, provide superior service to our clients, and provide long-term opportunities for our employees.


    Believing that people are the keys to success, we will provide an environment that allows all employees to meet their commitment to themselves, their families, their community, and their work.


    We will work cooperatively to improve performance, accomplish corporate objectives and provide direction on our future. Team members are supportive of each other, loyal to one another and care for each other both personally and professionally.