HUDSON, OH 44236
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PASCO® is a diversified holding company located in Hudson, Ohio.

Executive Teams

PASCO® involves employees at all levels of the company, and with various disciplines, in teams to plan, manage and improve our work environment and services we offer our clients. We have created synergy in our organization from this approach and know that it creates an atmosphere where all of our employees have an active part in our direction.

We have teams that manage our Product Development, Career Development Programs, Operational and Quality Systems, and Business Plans as well as all major projects that affect the services we offer our clients and employees. We even have a team that oversees execution of our Corporate Values and our Corporate Charities.

We are proud of our Executive Team members, many of which have been with our company since its inception. They have demonstrated their flexibility and fit within our culture. These executives promote an atmosphere of open discussion and creativity, which has allowed our organization to grow and prosper.