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Customer Management Systems™

Customer Management Systems™ has over 30 years of experience with programs to acquire and retain customers for automobile dealerships. Thousands of dealership professionals utilize the Connex® products to increase the flow of traffic to their dealerships and to insure customer satisfaction from the moment new prospects enter the showroom throughout the entire sales and service experience of these customers.

Customer Management Systems™ also provides a sales automation tool called CAconnexion™. CAconnexion™ is a web-based application that allows your sales personnel to automatically upload prospective and sold customers for dealer follow-up. CAconnexion™ says goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity! Customer Management Systems wants to help you target, acquire, retain and understand your customers!

Customer Management Systems has been providing long-term customer relationship management programs (CRM) for over two decades. The combination of unique and industry-specific products and services coupled with proprietary technology allows our customers flexibility to develop programs to fulfill all aspects of their CRM needs. Each of our CMS clients has access to a proprietary website that allows them to better control their program and monitor their results.

We market our CMS solutions through a dedicated team of marketing representatives and partners.

Call us today at 330.608.9047 or email us at info@cmsdealer.com to determine if we can help provide a solution for your customer acquisition or retention needs. If you want to find out more about our programs, visit us online at www.cmsdealer.com.