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PAS Publishing Co.

PAS Publishing Co., took over ownership of the newspaper in January 2000. The focus of PAS Publishing Co. was to grow this Italian American newspaper.

La Gazzetta Italiana™, a monthly Italian American newspaper published by PAS Publishing Co., has a unique personality and style as well as a journalistic approach that is both exciting and stimulating. La Gazzetta Italiana™ is held in high esteem within the Italian American community. Our readers are captivated with the many stories that highlight our Italian connection to the past, present, and future.

This premier Italian American newspaper has gained a national reputation for excellence. Civic leaders, government officials, members of the judiciary, teachers and university professors as well as business executives in the Italian American community have written our editor to praise not only the content but the spirit and passion that fills each and every page of our paper.

Call us today at 330.655.7000 or email us at info@lagazzettaitaliana.com to learn more about the paper or to get a yearly subscription. If you want to find out more about our paper (available in hard copy or electronic format), visit us online at www.lagazzettaitaliana.com.