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Outsourcing solutions to state governments and financial institutions through Validati® and CELCO™.

Information Solutions

PASCO® provides outsourcing solutions to state government and financial institutions through two operating companies, Validati® and CELCO™. Validati® specializes in tracking collateral to determine compliance with insurance regulations for both state government and financial institutions. CELCO™ provides debt recovery solutions for state and local governments and schools. Both companies have a national client base. Our Information Solutions group also performs general outsourcing of transaction-based activities.

Our overall business philosophy for our businesses in the Information Solutions group is based on four components:

Strong, thorough and comprehensive planning.

PASCO® utilizes a systematic, disciplined approach to business planning. All business plans are reviewed at least quarterly with all levels of management.

A process-driven approach to insure that we meet the demands for quality, service and innovation that our customers expect.

We know that evolving product lines and innovative new outsourcing solutions are part of today’s business landscape. By building our business on solid processes, and our Core Services, we feel we can meet the challenges of any business environment. We look for new ways to ensure world-class delivery of these important outcomes.

A performance-oriented workforce who delivers exceptional reliability, unmatched service and profitable solutions for our clients.

Measurement also plays a key role in the delivery of high-quality services. PASCO® employs the latest management tools to help us better monitor our success. This information is also readily available to our clients.

Comprehensive reporting with clients to ensure optimal results.

We embrace each of our clients as a partner. We attempt to understand their needs and work with them to surpass their objectives. All of our clients receive constant feedback on the performance of their programs, and have regularly scheduled meetings to review results and look for new opportunities for success.

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